This website was created for an optometrist chain in Edmonton called ASVI. The customer wanted to combine a number of sites for their various locations into one large website, allowing users to navigate between the different stores easily. For this project, I built the company home page and both the Sherwood Park and Terwillegar sites. The site itself was built using WordPress, and features a professional colour scheme of grey and gold. I utilized a number of custom elements for this site, including different sections for the maps on the home page and allowing elements to stack next to eachother (such as the sports team logos and staff photos). As with all websites I build, it is optimized for both search engines and mobile devices.

Note: Due to the terms of the contract, I couldn’t put my name in the footer. If you wish to verify that I built the site, feel free to contact the owner.

Company Home Page


Terwillegar Location Home Page